What Is Steel Frame Construction? Types, Costs, and Details

Compared to conventional buildings, steel structures offer an innovative building structure. These structures comprise steel beams, trusses, and columns that are combined with other steel plates and thin-walled steel. The different parts are connected together through welding, rivets, or bolts. Steel’s innate nature has made it a go-to material for constructing high-rise buildings, stadiums, and factories – to name a few use cases.


When compared to other building options, steel has some great advantages to offer. This includes durability, affordability, and low maintenance. Unlike wood structures, steel structures are resistant to heavy snow, strong winds, and termites. Best of all, steel frames allow you to customize your building to your specific needs.


Here is all the steel frame construction details you need to know:

 Types Of Steel Frame Construction

man using an arc light on steel beam at construction site
man painting steel frame structure offsite
z-section steel beam

Light Steel Frame Construction


Made from thin sheets of steel, light gauge steel is cut to form C-sections or z-sections. You will find it mostly being used for constructing small buildings and residential structures. Light steel frame construction provides a lot of benefits, including having a flexible design, allowing quick construction, being lightweight and strong, being recyclable, and easy to remodel without affecting quality. Best of all, it is low maintenance and durable.

Benefits Of Steel Frame Construction

close up of steel beams welded together

The Cons of Steel Frame used in Construction

How to Get the Best Value in Steel Construction

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