What Benefits Does Steel Frame Construction Offer?

While wood has traditionally been used to frame homes and even some buildings, steel is another option that has a number of benefits. Its use in residential framing is very similar to its use in commercial buildings.

Typically, a steel construction company uses the material in all parts of the home, so you have all-steel I-beams instead of wooden joists, studs, and rafters.

If you’re considering building with steel frames, take a look at what this type of construction has to offer. You may be surprised at the advantages it has over traditional wooden framing.

How Steel Framing Works


The process of building steel frame homes begins in a manufacturing plant rather than on the job site. The steel fabrication process is used to create the components used in building the home.

The blueprints you and your architect have created will be used to determine what type of steel is the best option for your home and what components are needed. These components will be fabricated and then transported to the site of your new home.

steel frame of a residential home

Once the pieces are at the site, they are assembled according to the blueprints. In some cases, cranes are needed to hoist the steel pieces into place, especially if you’re building a two-story house or a multi-story office building. Once in place, special measuring tools are used to precisely position them before they are welded into place. Once the frame is in place, construction of the house can continue normally.

In some rare cases, steel parts can actually be fabricated on-site. However, this is generally less efficient than creating them in a manufacturing plant and requires transporting additional tools and equipment to the site.

Types of Steel Beams

several mild steel beams
structural steel i-beam
bundle of rebar steel beams

Where Are Steel Frames Used?

Steel Frame Construction Advantages and Disadvantages

large structure constructed from a steel frame

Using Concrete in Your Next Construction Project

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