Construction With Steel vs. Construction With Wood

If you are debating between pre-engineered steel construction and wood frame construction, understanding the differences between the two methods is essential. For a long time, wood had been the go-to construction material for most building projects. It is not only readily available but also cheap to implement and customize. However, wood construction has its downsides.


Luckily, these are downsides that steel construction eliminates. Steel frame construction also comes with extra benefits that make it an ideal option. That’s why steel construction has become a go-to for most people when it comes to warehouses, steel garages, industrial, and commercial construction.


Here is an in-depth comparison to show why steel trumps wood as a construction material:

The Overall Cost of Erecting a Building

Structural Strength and Durability

Foundation Strength

Construction Time Frame

Lifetime Maintenance

Customization Options

Energy Efficiency

multiple compact cubes of recycled steel

How to Choose the Best Steel Grade for Construction

Steel Construction Provides Better Value for Money

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